Classic Slot Machines that have Remained Popular Today

Classic Slot Machines that have Remained Popular Today

Even if you haven’t actually visited a real casino in your life, by now pretty much everybody will know at least what they look like inside, mainly because of their outrageous cultural capital in the modern world – check out

Just think about it: are there any other places these days that are quite as grand and expansive as casinos? Going to places like Las Vegas will show you exactly what we mean! 

The funny thing about the casino gambling industry in the 21st century, however, is that with each year that goes by things are moving more and more towards the online platform. In fact, online casino gambling is now responsible for a whooping 75% of all casino gambling related revenue, and this is increasing as time goes on.

Despite all of this there is still very much an appetite for classic slot machines, keep reading for some classic slot machines that have remained popular today. 

A few traits of classic slot machines 

It is funny really, over the last few decades the online slot industry has become so modernised that many people who love spinning the reels nowadays probably won’t actually know what constitutes a classic slot machine. Indeed, with all the colourful and exciting options on the market at the moment it can sometimes be difficult to see why anyone would choose a game that wasn’t a modern online slot.

Regardless, in order to help people see what we mean by classic slot machines, take a look at a few popular traits of classic slot machines below: 

Old school aesthetic: The aesthetic of classic slot machines is one of the most important things in their makeup, and all of them will go for the vintage look. This means gamblers will be treated to things like classic fruit symbols, as well as a general design lifted from the 60s.

3 reels: It isn’t always the case, however what you will also find regarding classic slot machines is that they generally work using only 3 reels, in accordance with the design of classic slot machines from the early 20th century. This can appear boring to some people, but it is also simpler to understand, and can therefore be great for beginners in particular.

No bonus rounds: Another common trait of classic slot machines is a notable absence of most bonus features, mainly in order to keep the game as streamlined as possible.

Some classic slot machines that are still popular today 

Whilst the modern world of online slots has become saturated with super modern slot games, there is still certainly an appetite for classic slot machines. Indeed, there are a few classic slot machines out there that are still as popular today, having achieved the status of cult classics. Here area few examples: 

Rainbow Riches: The Rainbow Riches slot series is one of the longest running in the entire world, and it also almost singlehandedly popularised the “luck of the Irish” theme.·         Megabucks: The Las Vegas Megabucks machines are synonymous with huge jackpot wins, having been responsible for several high profile multi million jackpots.

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