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Pragmatic Play are exceedingly popular slot developers in the iGaming arena, boasting ‘multi award winning’ content and a range of innovative gambling sites and games.

Let’s have a look at some of the common elements that one might find in their fun and entertaining slot games or play no deposit slots today.

Pragmatic Play Online Slots 

If you haven’t heard of pragmatic play, then you surely will have heard of some of their online slot games that have a huge hand in the exciting and ever-growing development of the online casino industry. Their slot games are always punchy, visually intriguing, and instantly recognizable. 

1. Wolf Gold – This is Pragmatic Play’s most popular slot, and the winner of the sought after ‘Best Game of the Year award 2018’. Wolf Gold is a pragmatic play slot game with an animal predator theme, so if you want to go hunting for that big jackpot, this slot game might be the one for you. It’s dazzling purple, blue and gold colour pallet is a perfect blend of casino colours and exotic visuals. 

2. Great Rhino Megaways – This fast rising online slot game with snazzy graphics and a point to prove has shot up the online slot game rankings to become one of pragmatic plays most popular online slot games. 

3. Drago – Jewels of Fortune – If you have the guts to delve down into the dungeons of Drago, you’ll find this vibrant and exciting online slot game the perfect blend of stunning graphics and quick, convenient play – one of Pragmatic Play’s most brilliant creations. 

Pragmatic Play’s common elements 

Pragmatic Play have a variety of common elements throughout their games, establishing their brand well and making players recognize them immediately as a game they can have fun with, and trust. Some of these common elements include: 

Animal Themes – As you can see from the aforementioned online slot games, all three of them have one thing in common that’s very easy to spot. They all include animals, maybe it is because pulling slots and trying your luck reverts you big players back to that primal instinct, or maybe it’s because animals are approachable and familiar. Whatever it is, pragmatic play knows what makes the players tick, and they make sure it’s fun and striking.

RTP – Another common element in pragmatic play’s online slot games are the return to player percentage. In all of the aforementioned games, as well as most over pragmatic play’s other endeavors, the RTP is over 96%. Meaning that you get more bang for your buck than the average online slot game.

Minimum Bet – Most Pragmatic Play slot games offer a very low minimum bet (around 20 pence). This means even if you’re not the biggest of spenders, you can still have fun and enjoy yourself with these online slot games. 

Why are there so many Common elements? 

Pragmatic Play are big players in iGaming. They know what works. So if a feature works in one slot game, all of their players can experience it, whilst boosting pragmatic play’s brand and solidifying them as a household name in iGaming.

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