Why is it good to opt for a 1bhk flat?

1bhk flat

Are you in the phase of moving to a new city or town? Then it is natural that you should be thinking of buying your own house. But before you decide on this, here are the top 10 benefits of having a 1BHK flat on rent . You might find yourself surprisingly swayed by these points to reconsider your decision or at least postpone it for now 

1. Easier and Less Costly: Renting a 1BHK flat requires less investment than buying one. It may also be easier to rent once you are done with college and have no money left 🙂

2. Starting out: If you are just starting out in a new city, renting a 1BHK flat will give you an opportunity to get an experience of living independently and help you learn how to handle things on your own.

3. Flexibility: When you rent a 1BHK flat, the decision of where to stay rests with your landlord and not with you. There are no pre-decided boundaries and it’s easy to move out if you want to shift your residence to another area or city. If you’re not happy with the place where your 1BHK flat is located, then it is easy for you to get rid of it, without worrying about whether it is possible for you to sell the property or get back your investment.

4. Convenience: You can rent a 1BHK flat in any area of your choice. It is easy for you to find a place that is near your workplace or a place that has transport facilities or schools for your kids.

5. No huge investment: You need not invest huge sums of money in buying a 1BHK flat and the overall maintenance cost of it is less when compared to buying one. You can get best offers at Stanzaliving

6. Flexible Lease Agreement: There are various kinds of lease agreements available in the market which you can choose according to your need like fixed price, floating price, etc. These agreements may also include free parking, free electricity and other extra benefits as well.

7. Secure: Landlords are normally concerned about the safety of their property, whether it is a shop or a house. They put strong security measures in place to deter possible thieves.

8. Less competition for flats: If you are looking for a flat in any part of the city, you will find it difficult to find one that is available immediately. That is because there is always a long list of applicants who have been waiting for such flats and they will all fight hard to acquire them. But if you rent your 1BHK flat, then you will not have this problem, as landlords normally want to sell their property as soon as possible and they prefer less competitive buyers due to lower maintenance cost/trouble.

9. Renting a 1BHK flat is a great way to save money and start out your career first. It can help you build up a credit history which will be beneficial when you are ready to buy your own house. You will get the best deals at Stanzaliving


The benefits of renting 1 BHK Flat are large when compared with the cost of buying one. If you are ready to buy a property, then compare it with renting a 1BHK flat and make the right choice. 

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