Best Video Music IYKYK,2022:-What Does “IYKYK” Mean, and How Do You Use It?


If you’re not within the comprehend the most recent web forms, you will not have detected of “IYKYK.” browse on to seek out out what this elusive term is and the way to use it.

If you recognize, You apprehend

IYKYK stands for “if you know you know.” This acronym implies that a post or message will add up to some individuals and build no sense to others. Often, the post will have some asking to a specific expertise which will instantly stand resolute those that are “in the know.” It may be written in both the uppercase  IYKYK and also the little “iykyk.”

IYKYK is usually written as a hashtag supplemental to the caption of an image or video, particularly on social media platforms like TikTok Associate in Nursingd Instagram. For example, somebody would possibly post a video of themselves at a celebration with the caption, “Last night was crazy! #iykyk.” this means that one thing specific happened at that gathering that solely the individuals there’ll understand.

this is often like an “inside joke,” that could be a funny report that only some of friends will understand. They each imply that there is some within data that creates one thing amusing.

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wherever IYKYK Comes From

in contrast to several internet slang terms that we have a tendency to cowl on this site, “IYKYK” could be a recent invention. The form and phrase 1st appeared on Urban lexicon in Gregorian calendar month of 2016, well into the social media age. It started showing in social media posts earlier that year before changing into a well-liked acronym many years later.

one in all the items that helped launch the acronym into the thought is a 2018 song by the yankee rapper Pusha T titled “If you recognize You Know.” In 2020, IYKYK became even a lot of standard thanks to a quickly growing TikTok hashtag, wherever users would build videos for specific audiences. The term peaked on Google Trends in early 2020.

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References to… one thing

So what precisely ought to one “know” to be within the know? It depends on who’s posting. If it’s on a giant, public platform like TikTok or Twitter, the content is probably going making an attempt to attractiveness to a selected however large audience.

If the post refers to a specific form of activity or hobby, you’d perceive if you engaged in this hobby. For example, if somebody posts a video with the caption “Music production woes #iykyk,” it should add up to you if you furthermore may turn out music. It also applies to a fanbase for a bit of media, sort of a television program or video game.

Another typical example of Associate in Nursing IYKYK situation could be a shared expertise among an age bracket or upbringing. For example, someone would possibly post, “When I’m in virtual category and my camera is turned off #iykyk.” whereas the content of this post might build excellent sense to a young person who visited faculty throughout virtual classes, it’d not make any sense for somebody who ne’er tough that.

Not for everybody

Instagram app open on a smartphone displaying stories and live feeds.


once someone uses IYKYK on a a lot of personal feed, love their Instagram stories, then they’re seemingly hinting at a selected cluster of their friends and acquaintances. These posts are unremarkably related to a specific shared expertise with different people. to place it simply, if you were there, you’d understand. If not, you wouldn’t.

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For example, if you’ve been hopping on Zoom picture show nights along with your friends for the past few days, one thing funny might need happened in one in all those calls. Therefore, you may post an Instagram story that references the incident, at the side of “IYKYK” as a subtle promote your friends. If one in all your different friends didn’t show up to the call, they seemingly wouldn’t perceive the reference.

the way to Use IYKYK

If you would like to use IYKYK, build a social post with a delicate hint to an event, experience, or shared interest that not everybody shares. Don’t divulge too much, or the post can stop to be a fun, within reference between you and others.

Here are many ways that you’ll be able to add IYKYK to your captions:

“This trip to Vegas was positively special. #IYKYK”

“When the season finale seems crazier than you expected #iykyk”

“Well, I’m ne’er happening chemical analysis apps again. IYKYK.”

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