What are the steps for opening bank account instantly?

What are the steps for opening bank account instantly?

There are many benefits that you enjoy when you open a bank account. The main benefit that you get out of opening a bank account is that your hard-earned money is stored safely and can be easily accessed by you whenever you want. You also get a certain amount of interest on the money that you deposit in your account. 

Hence, if you are looking to open a bank urgently, it is possible to open without having to visit the bank. With the help of an instant account opening app, you can open your bank account instantly. There is no restriction of time or place for opening an account using this app. Here are the steps for opening an account instantly using this app:

  1. Download the app 

If you have a preferred bank in which you would like to open your bank account instantly, then go to the app store on your mobile phone for search for the app of that bank. Once you find the app, just download and install it on your phone and get started. 

  1. Register yourself

After the instant account opening app has been successfully installed on your phone, you need to register yourself on the app. For this you will need to provide your basic contact details like your name, phone number, email ID and so on. Once you submit these details, the bank will send you an OTP on your phone number. This OTP is sent to verify whether the person registering themselves on the app is genuine or not. After the OTP has been submitted, then you have successfully registered yourself on the app.

  1. Submit the necessary documents

The next step to successfully open your bank account is to provide the necessary documents. These will include a government issued ID card, which will also work as the address proof. You will have to take photos of the documents and upload them on the instant account opening app. Some banks might also ask for a copy of your latest passport sized photograph. After these documents have been submitted, you will receive an OTP from the bank for the authentication and verification of the document that you have submitted. 

  1. Finish the verification process

The final step that you are required to finish for your opening your bank account is to verify yourself in real-time. You will need to do a video KYC on the instant account opening app. This will allow the bank to cross-verify your face with the ID proof that you have submitted.

  1. Wait for the verification to be completed

All that is left for you to do is to wait for the bank to complete the verification of the documents on their side. Once the verification is completed, you will be informed by the bank about. This would mean that you have successfully opened your bank account on the instant account opening app.

You will receive your passbook, cheque book and your ATM card via the mail a few days after account has been opened. These are the steps for opening a bank account instantly with the help of the instant account opening app. 

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