The Classic Game Of Rummy- Know How To Play Rummy

Classic Game Of Rummy

Come on let’s play Rummy” is the expression we all say at a get-together, function or a festival. We have all learnt it from our parents and they have learned it from the grandparents the has a special place in the heart of every family. The thrill which is felt when you win a round is unmatchable.

It feels a little complex in the beginning if you new to card games but once you understand how to play rummy. You can’t stop thinking about playing it. It is a highly addictive game which involves mathematical calculations, critical thing, and practice in order to master it. Let us discuss it.


There are two theories of the origin of this beautiful game. The first on is that is originated in Mexico in 1890 while playing a Spanish game of cards. The second theory is that the game of rummy originated in east Asia in China but it was later westernised.

Indian Rummy

Indian Rummy is similar to the original rummy but comes with slight variations. The different part is that in Indian rummy 13 cards are distributed to each player. 

Forming sequences, suits and sets as quickly as possible is the key. The number of decks used is determined by the number of players. For instance, if two players are there, two decks will be used; if more than two players are there, then three decks are used.

Every player must pick a card from the open pile and discard a card. Joker cards are used as a substitute for other cards.

The player who forms good runs or sets before all other players win the round. There must be two sequences formed at the end, and one of them must be pure. That means it should not contain the joker card.

Legal View

The government of India has declared rummy as a game of skill and must not be included in the category of online gambling. This, playing rummy in India, has no legal consequences whatsoever.

Online rummy

No game has the potential to replace rummy. But what if the players are together or there is no one to play with. To solve these, online rummy has changed the way we play rummy. The rules are the same, but the additional features are truly unique. 

Features like private rooms where you can invite your family and friends to play with you even though you are miles away from them. You can play with strangers from all over the world and showcase your skills. You can participate in tournaments held in the online game rummy . Also, you can play for real money and win rewards and jackpots.


Rummy is no more a game that is meant for time to pass. It is a game that requires skill, critical thinking, and different calculations as to when you should discard a card and when you should. One can master it and reach new heights in the gaming community.

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