What’s the Difference Between a Possum and an Opossum? Podsum?

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Even though these two words signify totally different names, such a big amount of individuals confuse the 2. There are even some on-line dictionaries that say the two names stand for constant associate degreeimal. However, if you are doing your research, you notice that these two are different, and even supposing they’re each marsupials, they appear different. Some have problem with spelling, for example, podsum.

The distinction between a possum and an opossum

The difference between a possum and an opossum will be a bit confusing. associate degree opossum is an animal from the Didelphidae family, whereas a possum is from the marsupial family. each are nocturnal and have a prehensile tail, however they need totally different habitats, diet, and behavior.

Possums pay most of their time in trees and on the ground. They get to be concerning one foot long from nose to tail with a thick grayish-brown coat that helps them mix into the surroundings around them. Opossums are typically additional aggressive than possums as a result of they’re going to fight back if attacked. Their fur is typically brownish-gray rather than grayish-brown, but it too helps them blend in with their surroundings

If you’re still troubled to work out however these 2 animals aren’t the same, here are some pointers that may help.

home ground

Possums are from New Zealand, Australia, and China, whereas opossums are from America and southern North American country. one in all the simplest that} to understand which marsupial you may have noticed is to seem at the world wherever you saw it. The possums build their nest in woody areas and totally on prime of trees. The opossums are settled in America and South Canada as a result of the colder weathers aren’t contributing for his or her survival. supported the world wherever you live, you’ll currently tell whether or not what you saw was a possum or an opossum.

Their diet

once it involves feeding, these 2 animals are terribly different. whereas opossums are herbivores and have a meal fabricated from plants, possums are omnivores and have a diet of each meat and plants.

Physical options

one in all the simplest ways in which to spot these two animals is by looking at their physical options. even supposing they’re marsupials, they belong to totally different subcategories, and it shows if you’re taking the time to review their features. Here are the most belongings you got to lookout for once you wish to differentiate the 2:

The tail. The possum includes a hirsute tail, whereas the opossum’s tail is bare. it’s one in all the foremost distinctive features of those two animals and one that a lot of individuals cannot miss.

The size. The opossum is larger than the possum. once you compare them in size, opossums can grow and find to a degree wherever they weigh up to twenty pounds, with possums, on
On the opposite hand, they solely get to thirteen pounds. The distinction in weight simply goes to indicate how totally different they’re once it involves size as well.

The face and fur. Opossums have a white pointy face and typically have black eyes with jagged teeth. Their fur is dark grey, though there are some species that attack a white or cinnamon-like color. With possums, on the other hand, you get additional rounded and softer features.
Their fur is thick and brown, however you’ll get species with a gray or dark brown coating as well.

Their behavior around danger

Another issue you’ll notice is however these 2 totally different animals behave around strangers. The term “playing poison” or rather “playing dead” was coined when the opossum of America. once these animals desire they’re in danger, they’re going to faux to be dead wherever they keep still for concerning two minutes. On the opposite hand, possums in Australia don’t have any issue when it involves people. they’re terribly friendly will} even walk to new folks that supply them treats (although we have a tendency to don’t suggest feeding wildlife).
With of these distinctions, it’s very clear that there’s a large inequality once you compare possum vs. opossum. They take issue in behavior, appearance, and even natural habitat. If you’re keen once it involves classifying animals, the data higher than will are available in handy. it’s conjointly one thing that you simply can point out along with your children after they wish to understand the various animal species within the marsupial family.

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