How to Fix “Last Line no Longer Available”On iphone on iPhone 13, 12 or 11? How to Fix in 11 Ways

Last Line no Longer Available

iPhone users with an eSIM may even see a blunder that notifies grumbling “Last Line no Longer Available” once making an attempt to position a call. thus what will this mean, and what are you able to do concerning it?

What will Last Line now not on the market Mean?

This error seems to have an effect on the popular line on an iPhone that uses dual-SIM functionality. If you have got quite one cellular set up connected to your iPhone employing a customary SIM and an eSIM, you’ll encounter the problem.

The error looks to look most frequently when making an attempt to dial out from the “default” SIM exploitation the recent decision log under Phone > Recent. You’ll see a blunder that provides you the choice of vocation using your “remaining” line. you’ll be {able to} faucet “Call” within the box that seems however detain mind that this can call from no matter range isn’t set as your default.

Some Fixes you’ll be able to attempt

we tend to weren’t able to replicate the error since it’s impracticable while not quite one SIM in your iPhone. that produces testing potential fixes hard.

That said, there’s a spread of potential fixes out there, most of them anecdotal, all with tales of “this worked for me” connected to them. thus your mileage could vary on each, however if you’re seeing this error a great deal then you’ll most likely have lots of opportunities to check out these solutions.

the primary is an apparentstandable|a comprehensible|a lucid|a noticeable|an evident|a plain|a visible} one: ensure you’re running the newest version of iOS. Errors appreciate this are usually connected to bugs, so change your iPhone under Settings > General > computer code Update can take away a probably massive variable. you’ll be able to additionally attempt updating your on the market carrier settings by visiting the Settings > General > concerning menu and sound “Update” once prompted.

iOS computer code Update

2 different common and straightforward fixes involve facultative aeroplane mode in check Center and restarting your iPhone. each of those can reset your network connection, which can resolve the issue. you’ll be able to additionally attempt toggling between your SIMs before dialing beneath the Settings > Mobile/Cellular knowledge menu by tapping “Turn On This Line” next to the set up you would like to use.

the same fix involves removing and reinstalling your SIM card. you’ll be able to do this on associate degree iPhone employing a SIM tool, or any skinny pointy object sort of a paperclip.

what’s Wi-Fi Calling, and will you employ It?

Some users have according that facultative (or disabling, then re-enabling) Wi-Fi vocation helped resolve the issue. to try and do this head to Settings > Mobile/Cellular knowledge and faucet on Wi-Fi Calling, then toggle the setting. Others report success when clearing their recent decision log beneath Phone > Recents by sound Edit then Clear followed by “Clear All Recents” within the pop-up that appears.

Finally, if you continue to haven’t had any joy you’ll be able to reset your iPhone’s network settings beneath Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone by sound “Reset” followed by “Reset Network Settings”. this can reset all cellular settings, VPN and APN settings, and Wi-Fi credentials to manufacturing plant defaults.

Learn a lot of concerning eSIMs

associate degree eSIM makes it straightforward to feature quite one range to your iPhone, while not requiring more than one SIM card. you’ll be able to switch between eSIM suppliers comparatively easily, provided your carrier of alternative supports the technology.

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