Is It The End Of Vaccine Patents?

Is It The End Of Vaccine Patents?

The United States is toying with the idea of waiving vaccine patents. They are also trying to take things a step further and waive vaccine patents globally. 

The goal is to increase vaccine production globally. As of right now, nothing is set in stone, but the United States is in text-based negotiations with the World Trade Organization. 

Of course, things won’t happen overnight, as it is a complex issue, and everyone involved needs to be on board. 

On a Global Scale

India and South Africa already pushed for waiving vaccine patents back in October, but is the whole push actually pointless?

Some experts point out that the issue with the delay of vaccines has nothing to do with obtaining patents or the technology process, but with the manufacturing process. So, waiving vaccine patents might not help or speed up the process to get vaccines to the world. 

It has been clear that many health experts believe it should be a global effort to produce vaccines for all, especially when circumstances like the recent pandemic hit. But it really does all come down to sourcing and production, not so much the patent process. 

That is why many experts believe the focus needs to be on the manufacturing process and finding ways to fix issues such as a limited supply of material to make vaccines. 

On a National Scale

To meet the supply and demand of the population, the Moderna company decided to waive its vaccination patent in October. 

The goal of most of these vaccine companies was not to obtain a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office but to make as many vaccines as possible in the quickest time frame, to help control the current pandemic. 

This is just the start of companies waiving vaccine patents. The USPTO still has not decided to waive vaccine patents, but it could in the near future. 

Applying For a Patent

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