Is Binge Watching Bad For You: Pros & Cons

Binge Watching

Binge-watching Netflix. 

It has become a weekend getaway for most of us. It is also a form of releasing stress. When we are binge-watching a series with 5 seasons and every season with an average of 10 episodes that are around 45 minutes long, it takes a serious amount of time. 

Apart from consuming our usual time, the massive screen time affects our physical health.  

That is why the question arises, “Is binge watching bad for you?”

Here, in this article, we will find out that. Before getting the answers, let’s have a quick look at what binge-watching is and what are the pros and cons of binge-watching. 

What Is Binge-Watching?

Watching all or several episodes of a television series in rapid succession are considered binge-watching. 

Due to all those OTT platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Disney Plus, Hulu, we are getting access to all the episodes of a television series at the same time. As a result, binge-watching has become a trend now. 

Here, in this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of binge-watching and will find out whether it is bad for us or not. 

The Pros Of Binge-Watching

Suppose you have downloaded all the episodes of the show you have been longing to watch from It is really great that you get all the episodes free of cost and without having a subscription to these OTT platforms. 

Now, when you know the pros of binge-watching, you might bag some of your friends as well to enjoy the show together. 

Pros 1: Increases Social Connections

Binge-watching typically develops a sense of community around a particular show. It is known as “a shared cultured area.” This particular mutual ground allows viewers to debate along with revel in that specific show with everybody from a co-worker to a stranger. 

This is a great opportunity to socialize with people who feel lonely and isolated. They find it really relatable in the shared area. 

Pros 2: Can Reduce Stress

Psychiatrists state that when you are binge-watching, your brain releases dopamine that creates a sense of enjoyment. It might also facilitate you to relieve stress and relax. When you finish a show, it will offer you a feeling of control and power. 

It becomes really helpful, in case you are not getting the same feeling in your daily life. That is why the young generation is so fond of binge-watching. 

Pros 3: Makes Show More Fulfilling

During binge-watching, as a viewer, you can feel the joy of full immersion, which is popularly known as zone. When you are immersed in the zone, you will be able to get the same feeling as remaining up the entire night to complete a project or an interesting book you are reading. 

Pros 4: Makes One Attentive

There are shows that are specially created for binge-watching. Usually, they are additionally sophisticated with complex connections, different perplexing storylines, and multi-dimensional characters. 

As per experts, this type of show makes the viewers smarter and also more attentive. 

The Cons Of Binge-Watching

After knowing the pros of binge-watching, it is time to have a look at the major cons. 

Cons 1: Increases Risk Of Health Issues

Binge-watching involves longer screen time. So, it is obvious that with more screen time, you will gather a number of health issues. Headaches and eye related issues are really common among binge-watchers. 

Cons 2: Get Addicted

Addiction is not only about drug and alcohol abuse. Binge-watching can actually make you addicted to a particular show or to binge-watching itself. You might keep watching one series after another. 

Cons 3: Sleep Deprivation

Individuals who are considered binge-watchers are reported to have more fatigue along with most symptoms of insomnia, greater alertness prior to going to sleep, and poor sleep quality. 

Is Binge Watching Bad For You?

We have to agree that binge-watching has some benefits, but at the same time, it takes a serious toll on your physical and mental health. Binge-watching once a month is okay, but if you are making it a habit, it can ruin your health. 

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