How To Detach Yourself From Binge-Watch Culture

How To Detach Yourself From Binge-Watch Culture

Now even showing, not even getting up, having your breakfast in bed, sleeping on your own filth, and simply binging shows for hours on end.

No, this might seem like a dream situation for many, but we could not be the only ones who genuinely see a problem in the binge culture.

It is giving lazy culture a good name as if productivity is not something we should be striving for.

Where did hard work go!

This is our biggest concern. This is one of the reasons why we need to detach ourselves completely from this binge culture. No, no one is asking you to stop watching series or movies. However, you have to find a way through which you can stop binging so much.

Because there are a lot of problems associated with it. 

In this excerpt below, we will be talking about all the important ways you can incorporate some habits which will allow you to binge less. 

But why are we speaking so against the bing culture?

Well, let’s find out.

Why Is Binge Culture Bad For Us?

Here are some of the common reasons why binge culture is so bad for us. They are fundamentally affecting some of our activities, and it is not just about laziness. Why don’t you pick up a book and read rather than binging? If you do not have a book at the moment, simply download one for free from RarBG

– First, it is making people immensely lazy.

– Second, it is making people restless during work because all they can think about is getting home and catching up on those episodes.

– Third, it can make you procrastinate more, especially during remote work.

– Fourth, it takes up more of your data, and you will have to keep reaching your internet.

Fifth, you are spending half of your salary on the different ways

– Sixth, you will be missing out on your normal sleep schedule because of the constant binging.

– Seventh, there are more ways you can get unhealthy; binging food while binging series could be the easiest and quickest way.

Ways You Can Stop Binging

Here are some of the ways you can detach yourself completely from the binging culture.

1. Download The Content

In order to stop binging, you have to first cut all the access to on-demand content. Stop paying hundreds over the OTT platform and start downloading content. Now, you must be asking-

But, from where?

Well, you can download every movie and television series for free from RarBG. However, we would suggest that you only download one movie or one or two episodes at a time. In this way, when those two are over, you will have nothing new to start watching again. 

2. Have A Digital Detox Day

This is when you have a day for yourself, where you specifically decide not to touch any digital product. Yes, that means you do not open your cellular device to browse through social media, nor do you open your laptop to check your emails.

You need to be very determined when it comes to your digital detox. Weekends are the time when you consume the most entertainment, so when you decide on detox, the consumption automatically goes down.

It will be a little difficult at the beginning, but soon you will understand the perks of not using your phone for an entire day. 

3. Have A Morning Routine

When you get yourself into a routine, there is a certain enthusiasm that comes with following it. There is no better way to stop yourself forcefully from the binging session than to be excited about a morning routine.

Plus, your circadian will also be well balanced, and you wouldn’t be able to keep your eyes open after a certain time because of all the productivity exhaustion. 

4. Read More Books/ Audiobooks

When you are not spending all your time binging television series on your sofa and consuming endless series of junk food at the same time, you will not have the time to do anything productive.

So, if you take some time out in your daily busy routine to read a book, then you can measure your item accordingly. Watch one forty minutes episode, and then read a few pages of that book you have wanted to catch up with. 

5. Go Outside More

Sometimes it is not just boredom; it is just us being too lazy or believing in the fact that you always need a companion to go out. It is Saturday night, and you have nothing to do but binge an entire series?

Why don’t you just step out of the house and see what a delight it is? Take a walk down the path, and catch up on some reading. Or, go to the nearby cafe and enjoy a hot brewed coffee; there is so much to do. 

Stop Binging!

Your internet connection is precious, and so is your electricity bill. Plus, let’s not forget to mention the hundreds you pay to the numerous OTT platforms. Then why not stop binging together.

You can still enjoy your favorite series and actually get excited about the next episode because you are watching it a day or two later, rather than consume everything at once. You will find a newfound appreciation for the art. 

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