Critical questions to ask your truck accident lawyer

Critical questions to ask your truck accident lawyer

Anyone who has been injured in a truck accident is well aware of the devastating consequences. Commercial trucks and 18-wheelers are critical for the economy, but because these vehicles are huge in size and weight, accidents involving trucks often cause unparalleled outcomes. Also, investigating a truck accident takes a lot more work because, beyond the driver, there could be other parties responsible for causing the mishap. If you are meeting a truck accident lawyer, below are some questions to ask.

How long have you been working on truck accident claims?

As we mentioned, truck accident claims require extensive work, and it makes sense to find an attorney who hands such cases frequently in their practice. There is no harm in discussing the experience of the lawyer. You need to know whether they have the bandwidth and expertise to fight aggressively for you.

Do you offer representation on a contingency fee?

Injury lawsuits usually have a contingency fee. The arrangement ensures that the client has legal help while the lawyer gets a fixed percentage of the final compensation. Do not hire an attorney who demands a retainer fee. Also, the contingency arrangement should be discussed in advance, and you should insist on having a clear contract or engagement letter.

What happens when the claimant is partly at fault?

Every state has its own rule for such accidents. If you live in California, you can file a lawsuit against the truck driver or other liable parties even when you have a share in the blame. Your fault share can impact your claim extensively, and it is best to get a detailed overview of what to expect from the case.

Can you take the case to court?

While you would want to get a settlement without litigation, truck accident cases can end up in court. If that happens, your lawyer will have to be aggressive and extremely staunch in their approach. Not all law firms have expertise in handling such lawsuits, and it is a pertinent question to ask.

Can you talk more about the expected settlement?

Lawyers cannot predict the exact outcome, but they will certainly check the available facts to determine what you can hope to get in compensation. If you have other specific questions related to your truck accident claim, ensure that you carry a questionnaire with you.

You have to act swiftly after the mishap, or it could be hard to recover evidence. Call a truck accident soon!

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