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Getting fit is on most of our new year resolution lists, and yet we don’t seem to find the time to hit the gym. With incredibly hectic work schedules, working out tends to get pushed to the bottom of our priority lists. The quickest way to motivate yourself to get back into your fitness routine is to invest in a treadmill!. With several options available on the market, buying the best treadmills for home use has never been easier. However, it can work out to be an expensive affair.

With Zestmoney’s buy now pay later offers, budget constraints are no longer a concern. In less than 10 minutes, you could have access to an instant credit line with ZestMoney! All you have to do is sign up and shop for the items on your wishlist from one of their partner retail stores. Starting your fitness journey is an attainable and affordable goal. Read on to find out about the best treadmills for home use on the market!

  1. Welcare MaxPro IM5001 Treadmill

The Welcare MaxPro is the ideal treadmill for a novice runner. Specifically designed for daily use, featuring a three-level manual inclination and speeds ranging from 0.8 to 14km per hour. You can choose from a wide range of workout programmes, including an intense HIIT setting and a hill setting. To ensure you stay on track with your fitness goals, the treadmill allows you to measure the time, pace, distance, heart rate, and calorie burn during your workout!

Price: ₹17,930* on Flipkart 

  1. Durafit Panther 2.75 HP Treadmill

Durafit panther is well-known in the fitness world for its robust, strong, and powerful design. This Durafit treadmill has 12 preset routines and speeds ranging from 1 to 18 kilometres per hour. It also has a heart rate monitor and a music system! With an incredible loading capacity of 130 kgs (which is more than most other treadmills on the market) and a hydraulic folding system, it’s precisely engineered to fit in any home space. It’s the best treadmill for home use!

Price: ₹45,939* on Flipkart

  1. Fitkit FT100 Fitness Treadmill:

The Fitkit ft 100 is a powerhouse and certainly one of the best treadmills available on the market. With a 3.25 Horsepower motorised treadmill, it is easy to run without putting much load on your knees, addressing a common issue among treadmill runners. The LCD display comes with Professional Personal Training Software which allows you to stay on track with your fitness goals and makes the Fitkit treadmill experience dynamic, enjoyable, and engaging. This easy-to-use Fitkit treadmill can also be linked to Alexa and controlled by voice commands.

Price: ‎₹26,499.00* on Amazon

  1. PowerMax Fitness TD-M1-A1 Treadmill

This lightweight and foldable Powermax workout treadmill comes already assembled making it the best treadmill for home use. The system includes Android and iOS software, as well as a Bluetooth connection for easy access during workouts. This Powermax Fitness treadmill also comes with a lifetime frame guarantee, making it an excellent Lifelong treadmill option. During the workout, the screen records and shows time, speed, distance, calories, and heart rate. There are 12 pre-programmed routines with top speeds of 14 km/hr.

Price: ₹18,689.00 *on Croma

That’s all there is to it! These are the best treadmills for home use, featuring a range of features that make fulfilling your fitness objectives a breeze. With Zestmoney’s buy now pay later, no-cost EMI, you too could own one of these excellent treadmills. You may pay for the cost of your treadmill in three or four easy instalments, making maintaining a monthly budget much easier! To make things even easier, the ZestMoney app lets you handle all of your payments in one location. Doesn’t it sound fantastic?

*All prices are subject to change and may vary between retailers.

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