Best guide to resolve Canon Error Code e05

Canon Printer

Canon is a famous printer brand known for better print-quality and speed around the world. These printer devices are also very robust and have simple interfaces. But sometimes the user faces error code e05 while taking the printouts. This Canon printer errore05 can be displayed due to numerous causes.

Reasons behind Canon printer error code e05:

  1. The printer can’t communicate to PC
  2. Paper jamming
  3. Missing printer driver
  4. Empty cartridge
  5. Printhead gets overheated
  6. The cartridge error in the printer

Troubleshooting Canon printer error code:

Check your Canon printer connection

The printing error can appear when the Canon device is unable to connect with the PC. In the wired printer connection; check the connection cable. If the cable is faulty and loose then purchase a new USB for your device. Take out the cable from Brother device and then reconnect it. Check for the error and try to take the printout. Now for the direct (wireless) printing; check the Wi-Fi on both devices. Disable the Wi-Fi for a minute and then enable it on both devices. Now check for the printer connection. When you connect the Canon printer via a network then check the router. Restart the router and connect the PC and printer.

Inspect your cartridge

When the printer is showing an error code; check the cartridge. Sometimes the cartridge pins get bent or broken which gets it into error. Remove the cartridge from Brother carefully. Now check the contact pins; if the pins get bent then fix them carefully. While installing a new cartridge to the printer; some people forget to remove the plastic tapes from the contact pins. Check the cartridge and remove the covering from the pins. Remove all the pins and tapes from your cartridge and then reinstall it on your device. Give a print command to Canon and check whether it takes the command or not.

Reset Canon printer

The Canon device can get into some errors when the user makes a few invalid changes to its settings. Resetting the Canon printer may help in troubleshooting the error. Follow the given steps to Canon mg2570s reset:

  1. Press the Setup button on Canon 
  2. Go to the Device settings and then open the Reset Setting option
  3. Use arrow keys and select the Reset all button

Click on the Yes button and the Canon printer will get reset to factory default. Again configure the Brother device and try to take printouts. 

Paper jamming

For paper jamming, you need to clean the printer. Pages get stuck into the paper roller and get the printer into error. Sometimes the roller also takes multiple pages at once which causes the error. Take out the paper from the printer and clean all the dust. Align all the pages on the Canon input tray and again try to take the printout.

Inspect your Canon printer driver

If you don’t have a printer driver or it gets corrupted then you have to install it. The driver is the essential tool for your device. If the driver gets corrupted then uninstall it. Now visit the Canon site and search for the Canon printer driver. Also, check for the new Canon printer driver updates.

Check the printhead of the Canon device

The printhead can get overheated from time to time. When the error is appearing due to an overheated printhead; shut down the printer. Now wait for about 20-25 minutes and then restart the printer. If the printing issue is occurring due to the clogged printhead then clean it. Run the Canon printhead cleaner from the utility tool. Users can also clean the printhead manually with a cloth and alcohol-based cleaning liquid. Once the printhead dried up; try to take the printouts.

Also, check the ink level on the cartridge. If the cartridge is empty then refill the ink and then you can take your printouts with the Canon printer device easily.

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