4 surprising ways to get rid of dents in your car 

Falling objects from high-rise buildings, the consequences of a powerful hail, an unsuccessful hit of a ball while playing football or cricket, the contact with another car rubble that flew out from under the wheels of neighboring cars, but most often annoying mistakes when parking -as a result of these and many other scenarios, dents may appear on the body of your car, and you may need a car service station in Gurgaon.

The easiest way to repair such damages is to contact the car repairing services in Gurgaon. However, due to lack of time and funds, sometimes it can get hard to book an appointment with the mechanic. On the other hand, you can easily eliminate some of these flaws on your own if your car was “injured,” not on the metal edge and edges of body parts. Moreover, if a dent happened in an easily accessible place, the damage can be removed in just a few minutes.

Removing dents with a magnet

If the dent is not too deep, not more than five to seven millimeters, the most effective way to remove such dents from the body will be to use a magnet. At car repair at home in Gurgaon, mechanics generally prefer powerful neodymium search magnets. These magnets come with a pulling force of 200 to 600kg and are generally used for finding missing objects fallen into water or lost in a garage or warehouse.

Removing dents with vacuum suction cups (vacuum straightening)

While working with a vacuum suction cup, there is no need for any additional equipment and materials, but it is worth choosing the right vacuum cup. In addition, you should always look for a specialized car store with a selection of rubber tips for multiple sizes. The efficiency of denting repair directly depends on how well the tool was fitted to a particular dent. Also, for optimal results and to avoid subsequent staining, always make sure that the diameter of the suction cup is slightly less than the size of the dent.

Removing dents with a hairdryer

This method is primarily based on the physical features of the metal to change shape under the influence of the temperature difference. In this method, firstly, you can warm up the place of the dent with an ordinary hair dryer, making sure that the surface of the body does not overheat. Also, do not use a more powerful hairdryer and also do not overheat the repair site. In every case,  the device should be held at a distance of no more than 15 cm from the body’s surface, grasping the metal areas around the dent.

Removing dents with hot melt glue

The dent is first cleaned and degreased when using this technology, then warmed up with a hairdryer. After that, using a hot glue gun, glue is applied to a special plastic fungus (polymer adapter), which is immediately glued to the center of the dent. After waiting for one to five minutes, you can pull out the glue with a mini lifter for pulling out dents.

If your dent is too severe and these DIY measures do not show results, you know it is time to call the professional car doctors at Getpitstop. 


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