Why zoom webinar breakout rooms are popular?

zoom webinar breakout

Large meetings are frequent occurrences in almost every successful firm. However, in a growing organization, these enormous gatherings may make some people feel excluded. As a manager, you should make attendees feel important and assist them in getting the most out of meetings. What better way to do this than to arrange lively breakout sessions in separate conference rooms?

With upgrade choices, it’s free

You can utilize Zoom’s Basic edition, which is available for free, for meetings with up to 100 participants. Meetings with three or more people, however, shall be limited to 40 minutes or fewer. In-person meetings are exempt from the 40-minute time restriction. You can also talk, exchange voice and video, and virtually raise your hand to ask a question with the Basic version. All versions also provide you the option to select between viewing only the presenter or switching to a group mode that displays the video streams of multiple participants. Here are five reasons why having breakout rooms at your company is essential.

Breakout spaces are private

Teams that meet in smaller settings encourage participants to participate more freely. Those who are often reserved in front of huge crowds feel comfortable with fewer individuals. Participants in a breakout meeting have the opportunity to converse with one another in a setting that feels more casual. Attendees can express their opinions without worrying about the audience stifling them. Additionally, smaller gatherings offer your ideas more weight, allowing you to give each one more consideration as you explore various subjects and point out any advantages or drawbacks that you may have missed.

You can speak about subjects that were omitted

Teams can discuss issues that may have been ignored when they break off into smaller meetings. Small nuances can be overlooked when concentrating on the big picture because larger meetings may include groups from different departments. In a breakout session, participants can divert their attention to issues that are more important to their particular group and offer their specialized knowledge. Smaller groups provide more flexible meetings and give each participant the option to elaborate on each topic.

Department-specific conversations can be held in breakout rooms

Team members within a department may request a concise explanation of any changes that affect them following bigger sessions. Teams may want to use a breakout meeting to review the information presented in a larger meeting. Participants may inquire about specifics and look into them further during this time. What department is more impacted by a process change than others? What actions must your department take to support the overarching objective of your business? These types of queries can be addressed in the breakout meeting when you and your team can come together to decide how to proceed.

Smaller gatherings make participants more responsible

In a group of more than 50 participants, it is possible for someone to easily become lost. Larger organizations frequently have meetings with triple-digit attendance, making it particularly challenging for newer employees to have an influence. Smaller meeting groups, on the other hand, hold each participant more responsible for contributing. When there are fewer attendees, everyone has the opportunity to speak up without feeling constrained by time.

You can lead spontaneous conversations

The option to hold a meeting at any time during another meeting is another important advantage of a breakout room. Unexpected events frequently throw developing businesses’ plans off course. You might wish to leave a larger meeting to talk about a particular subject in more detail when something unusual comes up. You can arrange a private breakout room with a small group of attendees at any time during a conference without interfering with the main event.

Additional Advice and Suggestions for Zoom Breakout Rooms

You have the option of selecting Assign Automatically, Assign Manually, or Let Participants Choose Room when arranging breakout rooms in a live Zoom conference. While “assign manually” works best for extremely tiny groups, the previous choice, “assign automatically,” is simple and ideal for large groups. When using “assign manually” in bigger Zoom meetings (i.e., those with more than 40 or 50 participants), the host may find it difficult to quickly assign everyone. Although I have done this in a Zoom meeting with about 90 participants, it too.

You can still change your mind and fiddle with the number of rooms and the assignment of persons to rooms as long as you haven’t “Opened” the rooms yet.

Simply don’t allocate certain employees to a room if they don’t want to use a breakout area!

Moving all participants into breakout rooms automatically is an optional function. I endorse it since it functions well. Without it, guests must acknowledge by tapping a button on their screen before they may enter their room when you, the host, select Open All Rooms. With the automatic option, some mobile users who were having trouble entering their breakout space are now able to do so.


By providing individuals of your business with a voice and a safe platform to speak, zoom webinar breakout rooms can help increase productivity. Use these five justifications to justify holding a breakout session at your next conference.

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