Why is Malwarebytes not scanning Windows PC?

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Malwarebytes antivirus is one of the top security programs for Windows 10. You can easily install and use Malwarebytes on your device. The interface is also very simple so you can make the changes on the antivirus according to the device requirements. This security software is best known for removing the PUPs from your system. When Malwarebytes is not working on your device then you should check for the solutions.

Reasons behind Malwarebytes not working error:

  1. Your Malwarebytes is running out-of-date
  2. The user has deleted Malwarebytes program files
  3. System files get corrupted
  4. Malwarebytes related registry files are corrupted
  5. Temporary files are interrupting the scan
  6. Your other antivirus is interrupting Malwarebytes

Methods for fixing Malwarebytes not working on Windows 10 error:

Check for the Malwarebytes updates

The error in running the Malwarebytes scan can occur when the user is running an outdated setup. Installing the new update on your antivirus is necessary for proper functioning. The auto-update feature installs the new update on your device automatically. But when the auto-update feature is disabled or the system has very low free space then you need to update the antivirus manually. Use the mentioned instructions for updating your Malwarebytes:

  1. Tap the Malwarebytes icon
  2. Go to the Settings page
  3. Tap on the Application window
  4. Go to the Updates section
  5. Hit the Install Application Updates button

Wait for downloading the update and then hit the OK button. Now restart your device to apply Malwarebytes updates and then try to scan the PC.

Another security program is conflicting with your Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes antivirus allows you to use another antivirus with it. But the user has to change some settings to prevent conflicts. Your Malwarebytes won t open when another program is interrupting the setup. You have to set your Malwarebytes according to other security software. Go to Malwarebytes and disable the tools which are used on another program. If you are using the firewall of another antivirus then disable the Malwarebytes firewall. After making the changes in your Malwarebytes settings; restart your device and try to run your Malwarebytes scan.

Check for the system files corruption

Malwarebytes antivirus can show an error in running when the Windows system files get missing. Sometimes the Windows files get corrupted due to invalid settings or a runtime error. These corrupted system files lead to many errors while running the programs. You have to fix the system files in an account for resolving the Malwarebytes issues. But you should not edit your files manually as a small mistake in editing the file can lead to other issues. Use the system file scanner tool for fixing the corrupted files on the Windows device:

  1. Close Malwarebytes antivirus
  2. Click on the Start button
  3. Go to the Run bar
  4. Type cmd and hit the Enter button

Type SFC/scannow on the command (black) screen and tap the Enter button. The system file scanner tool will check for the corrupted Windows files. If the files are corrupted then this tool will fix them automatically. Now restart your device and run the Malwarebytes scan on your Windows device.

Remove all third-party programs

Some third-party programs can also interrupt security programs. Users install free third-party programs like gaming and editing software. Most of these programs have malware like adware, viruses etc. Whenever you run these programs with your Malwarebytes; your antivirus will start showing the error. You have to uninstall the third-party program from your device to fix the Malwarebytes error and keep your device secure. On the Apps folder, click on the third-party program and choose the Uninstall button. After uninstalling the third-party program; restart the Windows device and try to run Malwarebytes.

Check for Malwarebytes related registry files 

When the registry files get corrupted then the Malwarebytes will not run on your device. You have to edit the registry files and fix them. But editing the files manually without technical knowledge can be difficult. You should create a backup key and then ask a professional for editing the corrupted registry files. Here are the steps to create a backup key for Malwarebytes related registry keys:

  1. Choose Run from the Start bar
  2. Type cmd on the run bar
  3. Hit the Enter button
  4. Admin permission window will be displayed
  5. Click on Allow button
  6. Type Regedit on the black screen and hit the Enter button

Now search for the Malwarebytes-related keys on the registry editor and then export them to the desktop. Now edit the corrupted registry files to fix the error.

Reinstall your Malwarebytes setup

If the user is getting Malwarebytes scanning error due to the missing program files then you should reinstall the Malwarebytes on your device. Uninstall the Malwarebytes setup from the system. Restart the system and then reinstall the fresh setup on your device. If the new Malwarebytes setup is also showing the same error then ask the Malwarebytes team for help.

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