What Users have to say about Praxis EMR: Reviews and Features 2021

Praxis EHR

Healthcare providers looking for a unique approach to medical and health record management might consider Praxis EHR to meet their practice needs. It is rated #1 in User Satisfaction, Usability by providers, and User Recommended, including #1 by physicians at the AAFP, #1 at the ACP, and EHR User Satisfaction Surveys. This unique software offers a medical recording solution that uses artificial intelligence technology to eliminate the use of pre-conceived templates, ore-set catalog of diseases, patients, diagnoses, and findings. It also helps healthcare providers, doctors, and physicians generate custom documents and reports in their preferred writing style. 

As users continue to utilize it, the AI learns more, getting smarter and faster. Praxis EHR offers a unique approach in the management of health records as it lets physicians go beyond the limits of using drop-down menus and pick lists, which are commonly included in template-based EHR software. Core feature include:

  • Praxis Agents
  • Concept Processing
  • Automating Reporting
  • Knowledge Exchanger
  • Self Service Portal
  • Collaboration
  • Scheduler
  • Intelligent Advisories
  • Template-Free Documentation
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines

This user-friendly platform serves the practices of independent physicians and specialties, including pediatrics, pain management, urology, family practices, endocrinology, integrated medicine, and more. It is suitable for small to medium-sized practices, hospital-affiliated clinics, ACOs, and IPAs. Praxis studies the way medical providers make a chart and adapts itself to emulate their style. Concept learning enables healthcare providers to complete complex patient cases more efficiently. Further, this system presents everything in a physician’s own words and preferred order.

User Reviews: Overview of Benefits

Based on user reviews studied from multiple online resources, we have curated the following benefits for this EHR platform:

Praxis Agents are AI messengers that allow physicians to quickly chart and send reminders to their staff. Users can also find agents in patients’ notes, where they automatically store important patient information and medical history. When a new patient with a similar case is encountered, physicians can easily access this. User reviews suggest that these agents can generate all the previous medical records and details that can be applied to a new patient. Moreover, users can activate them trigger reminders to staff for schedules, and as these are intelligent messengers, they would know to whom it will be sent, when to deliver a message, and under what circumstances they will perform a task. 

Another highly acclaimed feature of Praxis EHR is its Knowledge Exchanger. This powerful feature allows users to share their knowledge-bases with their peers who are using the same software and learn from others’ practice. Users can easily read those units of thought imported from an auxiliary library and still maintain their own knowledge base. The content of these knowledge-bases can be used entirely, or users can only select a part of them to add up and adapt to their own documenting process. Knowledge Exchanger efficiently enhances the art of practicing medicine through the combined effort of healthcare experts.

A good percentage of users appreciate the Clinical Practice Guidelines feature. These guidelines are rules and recommendations that physicians use to determine the diagnostic tests and treatment plans for their patients. Users can quickly develop queries, even without any previous technical knowledge, with the help of software data mining tools and query engine. This robust platform allows users to apply both retrospective queries and prospective queries. With retrospective queries, clinicians can access appropriate recommendations with ease. 

Recommendations are based on laboratory results, patient type, which is based on CPTs and ICD-10s, demographic criteria, prescribed medications, and clinical parameters results. Praxis can also store recommendations for prospective queries. Therefore, it allows healthcare providers to improve patient care by delivering the best treatment plans or medications to particular patients or cases.


  • Users find initial database building a bit challenging.
  • Navigating through the patient portal is a bit hard.
  • It needs to work on scripting for controlled substances.
  • It sometimes lags with an irregular internet connection.

Pricing Plan

The pricing plan for Praxis EHR starts at $259/month. The package includes all features, software implementation, and full clinic training.

Final Thoughts

Praxis EHR is an affordable, award-winning, and template-free innovator of medical recording software that currently serves to thousands of physician-users throughout the United States and worldwide. Practices should consider this platform as it is neck-and-neck with excellent ratings and comes certified as a Complete EHR under CMS’ MACRA Quality Payment Program.

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