Top 6 Put-In-Bay Attractions you Should Know

Are you looking for a great place that makes an excellent family getaway, fun-filled weekend for a group, or couple’s retreat? Put-in-Bay, Ohio is a great option for you. Located approximately 80 miles from Cleveland and just 20 miles from Sandusky, the island offers a long list of activities and attraction sites that make it the perfect vacation destinations for both Americans and international travelers. 

Put-in-Bay is a popular Lake Erie Island off the Ohio coast. It is jam-packed with various activities for people of all ages to enjoy. Tourists from various regions, particularly Canada and the United States travel to South Bass Island every year for vacations and get a chance to enjoy what the island has to offer. Here are some of the top attractions you should.

1. Saint Paul Episcopal Church 

The Saint Paul Episcopal Church is both a worship and historical landmark house founded in the year 1864. It has been part of the history of put in bay and is open to anyone. The church administration offers a tour for visitors who want to learn about its history and welcomes everyone for their services.

2. Put-In-Bay Helicopter Rides

One of the best ways to see the town of put in bay and south bass island from a different angle is by taking a helicopter ride. Not only is this fun, but you also experience a view and scenery that will blow your mind. The rides vary in cost but are very affordable, depending on what distance you want to cover.

3. Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial

The Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial is a 352-foot-tall monument managed by the national park service. It signifies peace in Put-In-Bay and commemorates the souls lost in the 1812 war fought for Lake Erie. It is an extraordinary place to visit and learn about the history of Put-In-Bay. 

4. Lake Erie Historical Museum

Lake Erie’s historical museum houses documents and relics about the history of the lake. Get to learn about the South Bass Island and other islands in Lake Erie, such as Middle Bass and Gibraltar. Located on Catawba Avenue, the museum has fascinating facts about Put-In-Bay’s traditions and history and is run purely on donations.

5. Water Sports 

Water sports are the most popular activity in Put-In-Bay as you can easily rent out jet skis and kayaks at affordable rates. Depending on the weather, Lake Erie is home to this fantastic water sports, and you should stop by the area if you think of having some fun.

6. Chocolate Museum

The Chocolate museum provides an opportunity to taste the world’s sweetest chocolate while learning about the history of chocolate and how chocolate tins have evolved over the years. Apart from chocolate, they serve amazing cakes and ice cream as well.

Don’t forget to rent a golf cart to get around on the island 

Don’t be surprised to learn that Put-In-Bay golf cart rentals are the most preferred source of travel on the island. They are easily accessible, with rental services all around the island at a very affordable rate. So get to explore the island at your own pace as the golf carts cover lots of ground are very convenient. 

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