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The bat-and-ball sport of cricket is played between two teams of eleven players each on a field with a pitch of 22 yards (20 meters) in the middle and wickets at either end made up of two bails balanced on three stumps. Here you will get to know the Cricket Live Video Today. When a fielding team member known as the bowler “bowls” (propels) the ball from one end of the pitch towards the wicket at the other end of the field, a “over” is considered to have been successfully completed. One player from the batting side is positioned at each end of the field, facing away from the bowler with the intent of hitting the ball with a bat.

The fielding team’s goal is to stop runs from being scored and to strike out every batter (so they are “out”, and are said to have “lost their wicket”). Being bowled, having the bowled ball strike the stumps and knock the bails off, having the fielding side catch a hit ball before it hits the ground, or hitting a wicket with the ball before the batter crosses the crease line in front of the wicket to finish a run are all examples of dismissal methods. Read this to know more about Cricket Live Video Today. The innings terminate when ten hitters have been retired, and the teams switch places. If the opposing team has played its allotted one or two innings, the team with the most runs at the end of the game wins.

Cricket Live Video

While scoring the most runs has always been the primary goal of the game, the early version of cricket had some significant technical differences from the present game; the North American version of cricket known as wicket kept many of these differences. The batter guarded a low, two-stump wicket, and runs were known as notches because the scorers recorded them by notching tally sticks. The ball was bowled underarm and down the ground towards the batter, who was armed with a bat that resembled a hockey stick. According to ecclesiastical court records at Sidlesham in Sussex from 1611—the year Cotgrave’s dictionary was published—two parishioners, Bartholomew Wyatt and Richard Latter, skipped church on Easter Sunday.

In order to clearly distinguish themselves from the professionals, who were almost always members of the working class, the patrons and other participants from the social class known as the “gentry” started to refer to themselves as “amateurs”[fn 1], even going as far as to have separate changing and dining facilities. Since they had to compete against their “social inferiors” if they were to win their bets, the gentry, particularly high-ranking nobles like the Dukes of Richmond, exercised their noblesse oblige to claim rights of leadership in whatever sports events they participated in.

General Rules

With a few notable exceptions, Twenty20 is governed by the laws of cricket: [45] Only one-fifth of the total overs are allowed to be bowled by each bowler per inning. This is four overs for a whole, uninterrupted game.

A bowler who oversteps the crease and bowls a no-ball incurs a penalty of one or two runs and has their subsequent delivery called a “free-hit.” The only ways to dismiss the batter in this situation are by running out, hitting the ball twice, or blocking the field. There are the following fielding limitations: There can never be more than five fielders on the leg side at once.

A maximum of two fielders may be outside the 30-yard circle throughout the first six overs (this is known as the powerplay). Five fielders at most can be outside the fielding circle after the first six overs.

The batting side is awarded an additional six runs for each complete over bowled after the 75-minute mark if the fielding team does not begin to bowl their 20th over within that time. The umpire may extend this period of time if they feel the batting team is idly wasting time.

Where To Watch Cricket Live Video?

You may watch various sports channels like Sony Six and Jio Sports from your phone for free if you have a Reliance Jio Sim card. Jio provides free access to JioTV, its own live-streaming application, to all of its customers. All of the Indian TV shows, movie networks, and sports channels are included. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use JioTV on your phone to watch cricket matches. From the app store, download and install the JioTV and Hotstar apps on your phone. Now sign in to the JioTV app with your Jio account credentials. To locate the sports channel, use the app’s search box. The live game will begin broadcasting after you select the channel where it has been.

When the limited overs version of cricket was established in 1963 by English counties, a new era in cricket began. Limited overs cricket was lucrative and the number of matches expanded since it was certain to yield a result. Following the first Limited Overs International match in 1971, the International Cricket Council (ICC), which oversees the sport, recognized its potential and held the inaugural Limited Overs Cricket World Cup in 1975. Twenty20, a brand-new limited overs format, had an immediate effect in the twenty-first century. The 11th and 12th full members of the ICC, Afghanistan, and Ireland, were granted the right to participate in Test cricket on June 22, 2017.

Wrapping Up

You must sign up for a club if you want to start playing competitive cricket. This will frequently need you to pay club dues and entry costs. Additionally, you will need to purchase cricket spikes (shoes with spikes) if you plan to play on the turf as well as the appropriate clothing (cricket whites) for contests. At last just enjoy what you do and play it as a game.

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