How Volumetric Scanners Can Save Your Business Thousands Of Dollars Every Year


Volumetric scanners are innovative weight measurement systems used to calculate the volume of mining trucks or rail carts without contact and with the utmost accuracy. They provide 3D imaging of the vehicle to collect all the required data such as load positioning and volumetric capacity.

The application of volumetric scanners in the mining and rail industries is increasing every year. The ability to capture a large amount of data in a small space of time has played a vital role in the increasing popularity of scanners in the industrial sector.

Apart from offering accurate data, volumetric scanners can also provide money-saving opportunities. They have undoubtedly created revolutionary technology in the mining industry. Volumetric scanning is a relatively new technology, and in significantly less time, most businesses have opted for this system.

There are multiple benefits of using volumetric scanners; here are some of them:

  •   Unlike a static weighing system, volumetric scanners can measure the vehicle while they are in motion.
  •   Despite weather and seasonal changes, scanners offer accurate results every time.
  •   Other factors like moisture, debris, and uneven loads also do not affect volumetric scanners’ superior performance and reliability.
  •   The major benefit of volumetric scanning is they are huge money-savers.

Those who are using traditional weighing systems might hesitate to switch to volumetric scanners because of the initial investment. However, when looking at the long-term, volumetric scanners can save you money and time.

Let’s see how volumetric scanners can save your business thousands of dollars every year:

Increases Productivity and Profit

Volumetric scanners allow you to lower your operating costs and boost productivity. The system requires very little human guidance to operate; it is easy to handle and comes with time-saving features like data sharing, touch screen and PC & mobile connectivity. This increase in productivity directly leads to increased profits.

Reduced Maintenance and Replacement Costs

Once you invest in a quality volumetric scanner, they require almost zero maintenance. You won’t have to worry about any breakdowns or paying a huge amount of money for maintenance.

High-quality volumetric scanners are manufactured to offer durability even in harsh environments, and they can work for years with the same level of efficiency and accuracy.

Reduced Wastage

Volumetric scanners have 3D imaging technology that records every vehicle accurately. Using this data, you can learn how to maximise your efficiency, which will eventually reduce wastage.

You can also monitor the load distribution and optimise how your vehicles are being loaded to minimise spillage and wastage.

Help Follow Government Guidelines

When operating any business, specific government standards need to be met. When loading materials into a truck or rail cart, the operator must abide by any rules.

If the vehicle is overweight, you may have to pay a hefty fine. Having accurate volumetric scanners will allow the operators to make sure the load isn’t overweight and can save you from a fine and even an accident.

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