Everything You Should Know About Blockchain Ecosystem?

Everything You Should Know About Blockchain Ecosystem?

Ecosystem have been doing a lot of research about the Blockchain.  I thought it only had to do with Crypto Currency which I still don’t understand the real value is.  But I am riding it until it crashes.  

What I have learned is that using the Blockchain there is a new kind of marketplace emerging.  A Blockchain Exchange allows participants to deliver products or services that they would otherwise not have the technological capabilities to provide on their own, nor the end customer. Decentralized-ID represent an exciting breakthrough in the field of identity management.

This is important given that You Tube and WikiPedia are censoring people these days.

I also have done some research and it looks like his Blockchain Exchange is able to leverage the sharing of customers from one Exchange into another – bypassing ad words, search engine optimization, and voodoo algorithms to drive traffic.

On the site I found a link from Dr. Buttar, he had a great video about Mindset.  He is selling products on the Blockchain exchange and there is a $99.00 fee you can pay to join his program.  I am going to buy it to get access to any class from him.  I would like have a new mindset that allows me to move beyond what’s traditionally possible within the confines of my own walls I have built.

I’ve joined and I will provide more updates on what an Ecosystem is later in the next article. 

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