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The second largest sport in the world in terms of playing capacity is cricket, and it has a long tradition that dates from the 16 century. Read cricket breaking news here. Then there is the nuance that comes with the regulations. For instance, there are 10 methods to get a player removed; however, some of them are so rare that they haven’t occurred in the last ten years. But once you know the rules and games, it’s a stunning sport that can captivate you as none other sport can.

Did you know that this game has been played in more than 180 countries across the globe? Cricket breaking news makes you aware of cricket. Being one of the most loved games, we’ve put together an assortment of interesting information about cricket the most committed fans may not be aware of.

The first record of cricket was discovered in 1550, when the students of the Royal Grammar School, Guildford in England. In 1611, it was said that two boys from Sussex were exiled for playing cricket instead of attending church. The first game is reported as having been played in Coxheath, located in Kent, in 1646.

It can be a little confusing when you’re new to the game. First of all, there are three formats: Test match cricket, one-day cricket, and T20. 

What was the longest game of cricket?

It’s a common joke within England that cricket can go for way too long; the games usually last for hours, particularly with frequent breaks due to the undecisive British weather (cricket cannot be played in weather of strong wind or rain). However, the longest-running cricket match took place in 1939, during the match that was played between England with South Africa. It was not about hours; the match ran for a whopping 14 days.

Even then, the game was declared a draw before it was over, as there was a delay in the departure of the English ship was set to leave for the team home.

Learn the fundamentals of gaming. Every cricket team comprises 11 players (though an additional twelfth player can be reserved in the event of injury. However, it isn’t utilized for anything). At any given moment, the fielding team comprises all 11 players in the field, while the batting team is comprised of two batsmen, also known as the batsmen. 

Batsmen attempt to strike the ball after it has been bowled by the bowler of the fielding team. They shift positions but do not score any runs.

Each of the spots on the field has an official name. The person who is bowling the ball is known as the bowler. The person who is in front of the bowler is known as the striker. The other batsman, who is located close to the bowler on the opposite end of the field, away from the striker, is known as the non-striker. The player who is on the field behind the wickets at the side of the field where the striker is can be referred to as the wicket-keeper. Other positions in the field have names that are commonly used, but none of them are officially recognized.

Learn the structure. Like baseball, cricket uses specific terms to define each part that the players play. Based on the duration of the game which is to be played, the number of innings is between one and two per team. The game (the phrase innings is used both singular and plural) may comprise the number “overs,” which are bowls. 

Each time the bowler throws the ball, regardless of whether or not it’s hit through the striker, a total is recorded. When a bowler bowls the ball six times in a single direction, then an “over” is declared. When the ball is at the end of the game, the bowler needs to be replaced with a different bowler. Bowlers cannot bowl consecutively; however, they can return after at minimum one bowl from another bowler; therefore, two bowlers could switch bowling roles throughout the time if there’s an over the bowler’s location shifts from one side of the field to the other.

It signifies that the striker may switch between overs based on the end of the field they are at the time that an over is announced. Strikers can also change according to the number of runs that are completed, as the bowler does not change position until an over is called. If, for instance, only one run is completed, the non-striker and the striker have swapped ends of the field, making the non-striker the striker the next round.

When a batsman gets declared out, they must leave the field and replace by another teammate. If the fielding side can get 10 outs in one inning, then the game is finished since there aren’t any batsmen left to fill in the second position on the field.

An innings is a one-time period for the entire team. In shorter forms such as cricket, there is a certain number of overs allowed for each team in an innings. Once the number has been reached, the innings are finished regardless of whether the fielding team doesn’t have 10 outs. In the most famous and professional type of cricket, known as Test cricket in which, any number of innings per innings is permitted, and the time for the innings typically ends when 10 outs have been completed. When an innings is over, the fielding team and the batsmen switch roles, and the game that is played by the fielding (now the batting) team starts.

Test cricket matches last for five days maximum and last for 6 hours per day over the period. The shortest form of cricket that is played is cricket Twenty20 is a form of cricket that allows one innings for each team. It allows a maximum of 20 innings each innings. It usually only takes several hours to finish.

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