5 Hindi Comedy Movies That Are Surprisingly Poignant

5 Hindi Comedy Movies That Are Surprisingly Poignant

Hindi comedy movies are known for their larger-than-life scale, off-beat gags, and ability to spark a sense of wonder in the minds and hearts of the movie-going audience. Although almost all of them are textbook popcorn entertainers, some of them are even capable of delivering a poignant message in a very artful way to those who watch them. These kinds of movies are the physical manifestation of the phrase “delivering a punch with a fur-covered glove”. This article is about five such fur-covered gloves that have come out of Bollywood that you should add to your ‘must-watch’ or ‘must re-watch’ list. Read on to learn more.

  1. 3 Idiots

The first addition to the list of surprisingly poignant Hindi comedy movies has to be one of Rajkumar Hirani’s most lauded pieces of work. This film talks about some very real and fairly relevant issues with the help of a presentation that has a strong dose of situational comedy as well. Not only did the film highlight the importance of working in a line of work one will love, but it did not even shy away from touching upon the darker aspects of the life of an engineering student. This film can be watched on Amazon Prime Video.

  1. Badhaai Ho

This Ayushmann Khurrana-starrer made quite a splash during its theatrical run, and rightfully so. In addition to giving the movie-going populace several laugh-out-loud moments, it also tackled the social stigma of getting pregnant at a later stage of life in a delicate yet impactful manner. One can safely say that the shining star of this feature was Neena Gupta’s character, Mrs. Kaushik. The movie can be watched on Disney+ Hotstar.

  1. Badhaai Do

The spiritual sequel to Badhaai Ho, the Rajkummar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar-starrer almost directly challenged the ideas and beliefs that form the basis of homophobic behavior. What’s more, they did it with the help of a kind of plotline that was never thought of before, the basis of which was also something very real and pervasive all over India: The pressure put by family members on their children to get married. This film can be streamed on Netflix.

  1. Jug Jugg Jeeyo

This film has a stellar cast list that includes the likes of Kiara Advani, Varun Dhawan, Anil Kapoor, and Neetu Kapoor, who returned to the screen after a break of almost a decade. But that is not all that makes this film shine. This film delivers its take on marital problems in a way that is utterly hilarious as well as heart-tugging in equal measures. This movie can be streamed on Netflix as well as Amazon Prime Video.

  1. Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?

This film sees Ajay Devgn, Konkona Sen Sharma, and Paresh Rawal in the lead. This film directly talks about what can happen if someone overstays their welcome as a guest and takes advantage of the several millennia-old Indian belief of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, which loosely translates to ‘A guest is an incarnation of the almighty in a human form’. Unquestionably, Paresh Rawal’s performance as the overstaying guest steals the show. The film can be streamed on YouTube for a fee.

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