5 Best Online Games to Play Right Now with your Friends

Online Games


Games are a great way to break the ice amongst people, help relieve stress, act as a mood changer, lighten up the mood and much more. Playing games with strangers, online or with your friends is always a good idea and you literally can do it anytime, anywhere! 

Here are 5 such Online Games that you can try your hand at and we’re sure you’d enjoy yourselves to the fullest. Some of which you might have already heard and played while some might be totally new and foreign to you. Nonetheless, all of these games are sure to keep you gripped for a long time. 

1. Call of Duty: Warzone

Online Games

Call of Duty has always been a hit among the men, they can spend hours together playing this game and how! The Call of Duty: Warzone was launched last year; it is a free to play battle ground video game that you’re sure to have a blast with. And yes, the best part about this online game is that it is free for everyone to play.

All you must do is up your warzone and battle like a pro to build your way through the top while you get to win some exciting rewards along the way. Another aspect of this game is that it allows 150 players to play at a time in the arena, these players must armor up and loot stuff that is available to win. 

If you are someone who has been a fan of the Call of Duty, then we are sure you’d enjoy this version too. Try it out if you haven’t already!

2. Words with Friends 2

Words with Friends 2

When newspapers were a thing before we preferred to read the news on our mobile phones, there used to be a section dedicated entirely to games for kids as well as adults. Newspapers still do come, and this section still does exist. Then you might be aware of the part where there would be crosswords, scrabble, sudoku and more.

Moving from print to the digital world, Words with Friends 2 is an alternative to Scrabble. For people who like mind racking games, skill-based games and games that require you to put in a tad bit more effort then this is your kind of game! This too falls under the free to play games and has been ranked as the world’s most popular mobile game. You can play this puzzle game on IOS and Android with a maximum of 5 players. Oh, and yes, you can either choose to play this one with your friends or with random players from various places, isn’t that cool?

3. Rummy 


A Cult Classic when it comes to card games has to be Indian Rummy and there are no two ways about this. The Indian rummy is a game that is a perfect blend of fun, thrill, excitement, adventure, wins and a whole lot more! Pick and choose what you’d like to play- whether the Pool, Deal or Points Rummy, all three variations will ensure you get most of the game.

This 13 card rummy game is also the most preferable to play when you’re alone or when you have your family and friends fathered along with you. The more you play, the more you begin to like it a little bit more each time and no we are not kidding…

4. Houseparty 


Sure, you are aware or have at least heard of this game in April of 2020. Because this app was doing the rounds and made a mark during the lockdown as 90% of the people turned towards this app. Mostly it was word of mouth but who cares as long as it worked, and people enjoyed the game! House party is a social networking app that also includes various kinds of games.

So, basically, it was a 2-in-1 thing. It had the most fun and popular games such as- Trivia, Heads Up, Quick Draw, Card Games, Fashion related Games and more you can play in a room. To give you a gist, people/ friends join a particular room with a code and can lock the room so that nobody else can join it and then either chit chat with one another or play these games to make it fun. 

5. Psych!


Who doesn’t know Ellen DeGeneres, she is someone who has a great sense of humor and likes to pull a fast one on people? Psych, a game curated by her, is surely one fun packed game. If you enjoy teasing your friends and outwitting them then download this game and let the game of fun begin. It is available both on android as well as the iOS and is a trivia-based game wherein you can give multiple options as an answer to one trivia question and your pals have to select one. Remember, this game might sound easy, but it isn’t because it kind of plays with your mind and tricks you into believing something else. 


If you don’t wish to try them out just yet then you can keep them stored for later on, no harm downloading these apps/ games and keeping them along with you, you see! And when you have nothing to do or want to try out something different with your friends, you can always pull these games out and have a blast. 😀

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