3 Ways Realtors Can Help Buyers Find Home Builders

Home Builders

While debating the effectiveness of different marketing devices or asking how much is Batch Leads are typical real estate sales questions that have widely debated answers, one thing that is never in question is the benefit of establishing partnerships with home builders. Many home buyers are interested in building a custom or new home rather than buying an established property. However, most buyers do not know how to go about the home-building process, which is why they will often seek the counsel of a realtor.

What To Do When a Buyer Needs a Home Builder

Helping a client connect with a home builder is not the same process as finding wholesale leads. For newer real estate agents, the process of connecting with home builders might seem strange and uncomfortable. However, the relationship between an agent and a builder is mutually beneficial. However, the question is, what do you need to do when a buyer wants to build a home instead of purchasing something that is established?

1. Connect Buyers With Home Builders

You will want to introduce the buyer to a home builder or a couple of builders. However, to make introductions, you will first need to establish yourself with the builder. There is nothing to fear; most home builders welcome partnerships with real estate agents because they know how lucrative the arrangements can be.

Some real estate agents prefer to work with only one builder, but others work with a few. The number of builders you work with should depend on the clients you work with. If you work exclusively with luxury buyers, then working with a single home builder might be enough.

2. Allow the Builder To Do the Presentation

Builders work hard to ensure their presentations are effective. As a real estate agent, you might not have all the information about the building process, which could scare a customer away from the building process. When partnering with a builder, it is best to allow the builder to perform the presentation to the client. As the expert, the builder is familiar with the construction process and can usually answer all buyers’ questions and concerns, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

3. Follow the Co-Op Policy

When working with a home builder, real estate agents will need to agree to a co-op policy. The policy will dictate the terms of the relationship and the division of profits. As the agent, you must follow the policy to the letter. Do not deviate from the agreement. If you do, you risk your income and the relationship.

Best Places To Find Home Builders

Popstream vs Batch Leads will likely offer several different options for home builder opportunities. Still, the best places to look for relationships is by searching up-and-coming areas or new developments. Look for the names of builders in your territory and reach out to those companies.

How often do your real estate clients want a new home? If you have a lot of clients requesting new builds, consider contacting a local homebuilder and discussing a potential partnership.

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